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About Godhunter

Scratching out a niche amongst the dusty, iron hard landscape of the desert isn't an easy enterprise, but Godhunter has continually warmed to work since their genesis in late 2009. While experiencing the growing pains common in being part of a band or music scene, this diverse group of musicians has learned that hard work, dedication, and belief in the music they write make all the difference. One can hear this quality in the Godhunter sound. Influenced just as much by Black Flag as Black Sabbath, Godhunter worships at the altar of the riff and creates a raw wall of sound that refuses to follow conventional patterns. 

"This conversation between hope and despair doesn't have any sort of resolution, but it raises some interesting points along the way." 

- Adem Tepedelen, 8/10 Decibel Magazine review for 'City of Dust'

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Battleground Records

The Compound/Earsplit PR